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Energy Efficiency

An Industry Leader in Energy Efficiency

Explore our interactive home to learn more about just some of what we are doing to help your home be more energy efficient! 

Energy Efficient Features

  • Heat Recovery Ventilator: Provides fresh filtered air into the home and ducts stale air outside. Inside air transfers over 70% of heat to incoming air so the furnace becomes even more efficient. 
  • R-50+ Insulation in Ceiling: Blow in insulation in the attic provides great energy efficiency for keeping warm air inside the home. 
  • Double Pane, Low-E Argon Windows: Windows that are specifically designed for Hall Quality Homes and Alaska. Brings the warm solar gain inside while keeping heat loss to a minimum. 
  • 110 MPH Laminate Shingles: These Malarkey shingles come with a 30 year limited manufacturer's warranty and are rated for 100+ MPH winds. 
  • 95% Efficient Gas Forced Air Furnace: 95% efficient heating system that will bring warm air into your entire home. 
  • Finished Garage, Painted & Heated: All garages are finished with paint on the walls, a unit heater to keep it warm and insulated sectional garage doors to help keep that heat inside.  Garage floors are concrete and have expansion joints to keep the concrete from cracking in the future and letting the area expand through the seasons. 
  • R-21+ Insulation in Walls: R-21 Batt insulation is put in all exterior walls to help keep that warm air inside and cold air out.  
  • Heated Crawl Space: The furnace provides heat to the crawl space to keep the appliances running well and keep the floor warmer on your feet. 
  • Cat 5e Phone Wiring: All houses are wired with cat 5e wiring for a phone system and all phone jacks are in a combo outlet with tv. 
  • Lap Siding on Front of Home: Lap siding is standard on the front side of the home.
  • Window Screens: Screens are provided for all opening windows and sliding glass doors. 
  • 5 Star Energy Rating: A five star energy rating is standard for all homes we build and is figured out based on lot and positioning of the house. 
  • Final Grade: A final grade will be completed after the home is constructed and in summer months only. The soil is drained away from the house. 
  • Approx 40' Paved Driveway: Standard driveways are approximately 40 feet long and paved. 
  • Concrete Sidewalk: Sidewalks are normally from the front porch steps to the driveway.
  • Quiet I Joist Floors: Floors are built from I Joists and are nailed and glued down to prevent future squeaks and movement in the floor.
  • Foam Insulation Against Garage Slab: 2" foam is secured around the entire garage slab to insulate and keep the garaged heated and more efficient. 

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